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Traditional Irish Son

from by The Evangelists



I'm still living with my mammy and daddy even though I just turned 40.
I've never had a long term
Girlfriend but I'm not one bit too worried.

Hey hey it's the Irish way to never pack your bags and go away
Hey hey why not stay, save all your worries for another day

Daddy puts the food on the table, mammy does all that she's able,
I sleep in till it's almost a sin,
Some day I'll fix the gable.

I'm still living with my mammy and daddy even though I just turned 50
I've heard it's great to live alone but I've no intention on shifting.

Both my younger brothers have found their significant other, but I think I'll wait before I copulate & find a long term lover.

Who needs a woman when you've already got one,
one that loves you and makes you feel welcome
Who needs a woman when you're already happy,
since the days of dancing in your nappies.

I'm still living with my mammy and daddy even though I just turned 60.
I've heard it's great to move along but I'm still whistling Dixie.

Now I'm sixty-five, both my parents have died.
I've been left all alone in the family home.
I don't know how to cook for my self,
I really needed their help,
I don't know what I'll do without them.

I was back living with my mammy & daddy at the age of 67.
I popped my clogs, said goodbye to the world and followed them straight to heaven.
You can't beat living with your mammy & daddy with anything whatsoever.
They'll be making my tea for eternity - forever and ever and ever.


from Muff Against Bush, released January 1, 2006
Lyrics: Eamonn McColgan


all rights reserved



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